Publishing Software – An Essential Software Tool for Every Designer, Artist and Writer

To produce high-quality and well-designed publications (both for the print and the Web) requires talent, creativity and a useful little tool called the publishing software.Publishing software products are computer programs which aids graphic designers, artists and journalists to create and modify documents for publication. These may include books, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines, brochures, business cards, and web pages. Inside this software are ready-made templates and images which are useful for creating eye-catching and well-made publications.The Types of Publishing SoftwaresDesktop publishing software – This type of publishing software is most suited for creating text documents. Its functions include text formatting and language and spelling checkers. The later versions of this type of software come with layout and design templates, perfect for making brochures, pamphlets, newsletters and other types of print media.Web publishing software – This is program is used for publishing content and creating websites in the Internet. Users can easily incorporate images, text, photos, and multimedia into their website just by using this program.Choosing the right publishing software to suit your needsAssess your skill level on the use of publishing software before making any purchase. First timers are advised to choose the basic packages to get themselves used to handling the program. Later on when they have learned enough about the software, they can move to more sophisticated and advanced publi8shing software.Test a new program by trying out its trial version first. This can help you determine whether the program you’re interested in actually meets your needs. Trial or free versions are available for downloading on the web and usually lasts for 15 to 30 days.

Special Estate Planning Issues The LGBT Community May Face Today

There are 5.5 million households in the US classified as “unmarried” and many of these are same-sex households. Although the LGBT community can certainly take advantage of much of the traditional estate planning tools we use, they can also benefit from some of the unique tools designed to address the special needs of this community that require special planning.Why special? Aren’t these the same issues as other families? Yes, however, there is added stress in some of these relationships presented by relatives, or children from prior relationships that can cause these special problems during life and which their “heirs” that can create after death. Also, there is the issue of long term care and Medicaid (see below). Estranged family members may not recognize a same-sex partner as they would a “traditional” spouse.The Legality of Marriages Performed in “Other” StatesFlorida does not recognize marriages officiated in states where gay marriage has been legalized. This is because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), passed in 1996, which precludes states from recognizing same-sex marriages that happen out-of-state. In Florida, some additional rights afforded to a “spouse” or “surviving spouse” that may not exist for a surviving same-sex partner, include the validity of claims of the surviving spouse for Social Security benefits, spousal, death or survivor benefits, Veteran’s surviving spouse benefits, as well as these benefits listed below:- Elective Share
- Exempt Property
- Homestead
- Marital deduction
- IRA rollovers
- First right to be named guardian if not has been named in a pre-need declaration
- Right to make health care decisions in lieu of a written surrogate
- Inheritance rights
- Tax breaks
- Medicaid breaksSome of the “Issues” That Can Arise:- Degree we want to give benefits/support etc. the surviving partner
- Children from prior marriages
- Incapacity
- Medicaid
- Taxes
- DeathThere is a lot that same-sex couples can do to protect themselves and their partners in preparation for incapacity or death, and regardless of the size of their estate:1. Drafting a will and trust instruments to be very specific. For example, a subsequent divorce would exclude a spouse but there is no equivalent for a same-sex partner. Define partner. Also, separation, incapacity.
2. Also definition of children may be broader and include children of the partner.
3. Joint property. Special estate tax considerations and Medicaid issues (see below)
4. HCPA – health decisions, even visitation in hospital. Arrange beforehand if possible; otherwise include it in the agreement. Give to all doctors.
5. Cohabitation agreements
6. Pre-need guardian
7. Pre-paid funeral naming the partner
8. Medicaid-Joint property; issues regarding who is owner; issues regarding Medicaid.***Be Specific: Include all the detail you can to make it clear to the world that the decisions of the surviving same-sex partner are final.Summary Basic Vital Documents* Wills and Trusts
* Advance Directives: Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate and Living Will
* Disposition of remainsOthers for consideration:* Deed to the home(s)
* Beneficiary designations
* POD accounts
* Life insuranceA Domestic Partnership Agreement can address expenses, assets and liabilities, keep matters private and reduce or eliminate attorneys fees if there is a breakup. This can be executed at any time.Summary: The negative consequences of not being married legally for some is outweighed by the freedom to create your own legal relationship without limitations of state marriage laws.

Powerful Related Pilate’s Exercise Is What You Need

Related Pilate’s exercises are one of the best methods to stay fit and toned. These powerful yet low impact exercises make a real difference in your body in a short amount of time. For most people, the image of Pilate’s is a women’s only exercise that’s too easy to do any real good. This could not be further from the truth.Related Pilate’s exercise is a form of isometric exercise designed to simultaneously stretch, strengthen, tone, and align the body. At the same time, they are eliminating excess tension and strain on the joints. Pilate’s routines have been used by dancers and athletes for decades.Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, tone muscles, improve flexibility, or recover form an injury, using the correct related Pilate’s exercise can get you results in quick order.The great part about using these related Pilate’s exercises is the fact they get results without stressing or harming the body. Any age group can benefit from doing related Pilate’s exercise. From beginner to advanced you can learn and implement Pilate’s exercises at your own pace. Its not like attempting to run a mile when you haven’t run in years, or trying to do fifty pushups on your first attempt.Pilate’s are designed as low impact. This means your joints, ligaments, and tendons wont risk injury. Your muscles may feel the affects of your Pilate’s workout immediately, but as long as you follow a suggested plan, you wont hurt yourself.There are several ways you can learn Pilate’s Tapes, books, and classes are the most popular ways to incorporate Pilate’s into your fitness routine.No matter which method you choose to learn Pilate’s you owe it to yourself to give Pilate’s a try. You get aerobic and muscle strengthening benefits from Pilate’s and anyone on a regular fitness plan will incorporate a variety of related Pilate’s exercises in with other forms of exercise. This helps keep from reaching a plateau in your exercise results and offers a variety.Pilate’s was created by Joseph Pilate’s (1880-1967). He was a sickly and somewhat scrawny child. In his youth, he dedicated himself to becoming stronger and healthier. The now world famous Pilate’s exercises are the result of that dedication. Flexibility, strength, tone, circulation, and energy levels are all improved by related Pilate’s exercise routines.If youve never investigated Pilate’s, you owe it to your body to at least try. The results and the great impacts they will have on your energy and your body is well worth the effort.

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