How Christian Drug Rehab Differs From Regular Rehab

You can begin your journey to a wonderful new life with the help of a Christian drug rehab. This faith-based program means you get to benefit from the unlimited power of God as you discover a new way of living based on his teachings. Christian drug rehab centers offer a path away from the misery of addiction to a place where you experience real joy and happiness.How Christian Drug Rehab Differs from Regular RehabIt is now generally accepted that faith and spirituality are powerful tools for helping people break away from addiction. The problem is many rehabs now feel obliged to disguise these faith-based weapons against addiction to make them more palatable to non-believers. The problem with doing this is it weakens the power of these tools.Our Christian drug centers are unapologetic in our use of the ‘G’ word. We are proud of the fact that God is able to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. The most effective path out of addiction can be found in the teachings of Jesus – during your time in Christian rehab, you learn how to apply these teachings to your own life.How Does Christian Drug Rehab Work?Christian drug rehabs differ in the exact program they offer, but they all share the same basic aim. The goal is to combine your determination to quit with the resources you need to make this a reality. Some of the activities you are likely to engage in during your time in this facility will include:• One-to-one therapy sessions with a Christian therapist/pastor/counselor
• Bible study
• Group therapy sessions
• Aftercare workshops
• Discussions on living the Christian life in recovery
• Family therapy
• Church attendance
• Involvement in the local Christian community
• Relapse prevention workshops
• Skills development workshops
• Attending Christian fellowship meetings (e.g. Celebrate Recovery or 12 Step Meetings)By taking part in these activities, you are going to be able to address the issues that have been holding you back in life. You are also going to start building a solid base for your sobriety so when you return home you can face the future with confidence and optimism.Good Reasons for You to Choose Christian Drug RehabMaybe you think it is important for you to sort out your own problems? This is a common way for people in addiction to think, it can be part of the denial, and it is one of the main reasons for why they remain stuck indefinitely in this painful life. If are serious about turning your life around, you need to make use of the best resources – this is what a Christian based drug rehab is able to provide.By choosing Christian drug treatment centers, you get to enter an environment where you’re your desire to change is fully supported. It means you are going to be away from the usual stresses and temptations that keep you repeating the same pattern. When you join this loving community, you are no longer going to feel alone.It is common for people who enter Christian drug treatment to feel guilty about the past. This guilt is part of the problem because it feeds the addictive behavior – you drink to stop feeling guilty, but you then do more things to feel guilty about. God is ready to forgive you – by following the path he intended for you, it is going to be possible for you to forgive yourself.Your family is likely to have suffered a great deal as a result of your addiction. During your time in Christian rehab, you can begin to repair the damage. There is usually the possibility of family therapy, and this can be a great way to help your loved ones to join in the process of recovery. It also means they will be better able to support you when you return home.Are You Ready for Christian Drug Rehab?Don’t delay beginning this beautiful new chapter of your life. Call us now before you have the chance to talk yourself out of taking this positive step. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the Christian drug rehab where you can begin to taste real freedom and happiness.

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